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Dry Cleaning for your carpets is also now available. See price guide.

Carpets naturally become dirty, spotty & downtrodden. Replacing them as we all know can cost a fortune, a much better solution is to have them cleaned professionally using hot water extraction cleaning every eighteen months or so to keep them looking in showroom condition.

What is hot water extraction cleaning?

It's an advanced process which cleans carpets deep down, safely thoroughly & quickly. When I clean your carpets I extract virtually all of the dirt whilst removing most nasty spots and stains. Colours & pile come up like new. Understandably hot water extraction cleaning is the method favored by most leading carpet manufacturers.

I bet it's expensive!

Not so. It is much less than you might imagine, the investment is a very small fraction of the cost of fitting new carpets & a lot less trouble.

Can you clean any type of carpet?

Yes. Axminster, Wilton, tufted, Nylon foam backed, shag pile, Chinese, Indian etc. However dirty they look, I will soon return them to there former glory. You will be delighted by the impressive results.

How long will it stay clean?

Every carpet that is walked on becomes dirty in time, but hot water extraction cleaning helps to prevent the rapid re-soiling that sometimes occurs with other cleaning methods.

Surely a specialist cleaning service like yours costs more!

A little more, but it's a safe first class result that matters. It is better to avoid cowboy operators who may offer a cheap price but are unable to clean as thoroughly & safely as a trained professional who has many years experience of carpet & upholstery cleaning. I promise you a top quality service & satisfactory results every time.

How much time will it take my carpet to dry?

Drying time is determined by the humidity level, airflow through the rooms & the type of carpet that has been cleaned. turning on air conditioning, heating system, dehumidifier or opening windows (depending on weather), will help speed drying time. Typically it takes from 2 to 12 hours for carpets to dry although you are able to walk on them as soon as we have completed the cleaning process.

End of tenancy cleaning including flea treatment.

This service is usually required by the rental agreement at the end of a tenancy where pets have been living in the home.

Read the comments that our customers make:

"I am absolutely delighted with the drawing room carpet".

"I am requested to tell you that you have done an excellent job".

"A marvelous job as usual, I am most grateful".

"we are really pleased with the way that the carpets look now, we did wonder if they would ever come clean".

It is through customer satisfaction & their kind recommendations that I get much of my work. For free no obligation advice or an estimate please ring today.

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Area Coverage:

Launceston, Callington, Liskeard, Bude, Holsworthy, Camelford & their surounding areas. Other areas considered.

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  • Hot water extraction system
  • Deodorizer treatment
  • Flea Treatment
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